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How to Hack your Windows Password


If you’ve ever forgotten your local Windows password (not Active Directory), then you can hack the local account using this Boot CD

Step 1 – Download the Boot CD

Step 2 – Burnt the iso to CD

Step 3 – Boot using the CD not your hard drive.

Why is this CD so good?

Options include:

1. Clear the users passwords – so there is no password.

2. Make a user an “Administrator” so that that account can make other accounts Administrators.

3. Make the Guest account an Administrator. A dangerous backdoor.. so don’t leave this active.

4. Write the changes back to the sam (local Windows accounts and passwords).  You must succeed in writing back to the sam or the changes won’t work.  You may have to write 2-3 times for it to take effect, so don’t worry if it doesn’t work first time – it normally does work.


It’s great fun, easy to do.

It will detect the hard drives on your computer – and which ones have Windows installed.  Next, select the windows drive, and option 1 will be to reset user accounts and passwords.

Have a look around, and see if you can work out how to make any account an Administrator – or just “wipe” all the passwords from the machine.

Happy hacking!


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