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Surveillance Studies – Surveillance Self Defense – EFF


The EFF Surveillance Self Defense website offers good tutorials on the latest “Anti Surveillance” and “Anti Forensics” tools.

If the state wants to break into your house and install a keylogger, that requires a court order.  Make sure that they HAVE to break in, in order to HAVE to get a court order.  Letting them acquire data from Google or Bing is just asking for trouble.

You “lock” your car.  Now you need to understand that you need to “lock” your data.

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Surveillance studies takes us into the arena of the past history of the surveillance state, such as the Stasi in East Germany.   The state starts to profile people based on race, religion, sexual orientation, and then uses that profile to apply pressure to the people they love or bribe elected officials.  How would the knowledge of such surveillance affect you? The answer from the East German people is they were scared.. all the time.  Understand surveillance studies.  Understand, this is protecting the things and people you love most.

Surveillance studies is a living, breathing subject that is truly fascinating.


Do you leave your car unlocked at night?  Why not?

The answer to that, is the reason you need to put a lock on your data. You lock your house, you lock your garage, you lock your car.  So what’s different about putting a lock on data?

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