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How to configure the most secure VPN – IVPN


Torrentfreak publish an annual list of the most anonymous VPN providers, which is an excellent read.  IVPN are a team of Masters graduates, who specialise in Information Security.  Most of you may know that I openly support IVPN, but do you know “why” that is?  Or how to configure the greatest security?   I’m a proud affiliate of IVPN, as I can’t find anyone who’s better.  I won’t promote anyone else, as nothing compares to them in my opinion.

1. IVPN Client > Settings > General Tab

Being human, we can all forget to start the VPN before we start browsing.  Therefore you might find the “start at login” option the safest precaution.

Start at Login


 2. IVPN Client > Settings > Connection Tab

Use UDP port 53

An old trick used to circumvent firewalls is to use UDP port 53, to run your VPN.  This port is used for the DNS system – and can be used to bypass censorship such as in China and the UK.  There is a second gem hidden here.  China has started to heavily restrict UDP traffic.  So IVPN have a little magical trick called “obfsproxy” – to circumvent censorship.  This is as useful in the UK, as it is in China, as the UK are introducing the “Snoopers Charter”, a law to read and retain all your online browsing.

ivpn udp 53

UDP is a connectionless protocol, so has less overhead than TCP.  Therefore the good news is that UDP Port 53 provides a much faster VPN.  Your VPN will “fly”.

 3. IVPN Client > Settings > Firewall Tab

You’ll need a good firewall to protect your VPN.

ivpn firewall

 4. Warrant Canary

The Patriot Act contains a gagging order.  Therefore a warrant canary is a signed declaration by a company that no orders have been served to monitor their clients.   Here’s IVPNs warrant canary:

ivpn warrant canary

 5. IVPN Client > Change > Select Server

The best fun is switching servers.  IVPN will tell you the real time response of each server.  Often you may wish to connect to a haven of privacy such as Iceland or Romania.  Yes, both Iceland and Romania are available.  Most of the time you’ll connect to a nearby European country such as France, to get the best privacy versus response time.

ivpn country

Obviously I could connect to Dallas or Salt Lake City… but do they compare to Paris, city of love?

ivpn paris

6. Multiple devices

Each IVPN account allows the connection of 3 devices, across a wide range of operating platforms including mobiles.

Therefore IVPN protects your mobile phone, iPad and Mac or Linux Laptop simultaneously.  And of course it supports Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and perhaps even your home router.

ivpn ipad

So, I’m a fan of IVPN, and have used their VPN for the last 3 years.  You can have a free 7 day trial if you want to check their awesome speeds.  Have fun in Paris!


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