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WhatsApp BAN: Britons’ OUTRAGE over David Cameron’s ‘DISGUSTING’ plans to BLOCK app


Hugely popular messaging services – including WhatsApp, SnapChat and iMessage – could be BANNED in the UK under strict new encryption laws. last week reported that Prime Minister David Cameron is pressing ahead with new legislation that could bring an end to encrypted messages.

However – more than 45,000 people have voted against the government plans in an reader poll.

A meagre 12 per cent of those 52,200 readers surveyed agreed with Prime Minister Cameron’s plans to intercept online communications.  (To get 12%, half the government must have voted).

Private online communications will be opened-up by the Government’s “Snooper’s Charter” – or the Investigatory Powers Bill, to give the bill its full title – which requires internet service providers, phone companies and technology firms like Google, Apple, Facebook and WhatsApp keep a record of all of your activity.

This troubling database of information (which will include all your Google searches, your Facebook conversations, WhatsApp group messages and SnapChat videos) will be made available to the UK police and Government whenever they require.

One reader blasted the upcoming “Snooper’s Charter” by posting: “10 years ago if you were to ask me to think of a place where your letters got read by the government, I would have said East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Funny how things worked out…”

Mr. Cameron is doing is nothing but blatantly invade the personal privacy of millions of Britons. I mean what safeguards are being put in place to police the watchdogs? Reader

Another added: “The tories have been trying to pass this from the moment they got into government, and the Lib Dems were the only thing stopping them.

“A law of this nature is a property of an oppressive, Orwellian regime, where ordinary citizens are treated as suspects.

“Such a government is positioned AGAINST the people, not in favour of them.”


Please vote against the Snoopers Charter.  We need to actively support the express standing against the dreaded Snoopers Charter.  We literally are in East Germany…  the clock is ticking.

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  2. For several reasons I can’t see a ban happening in practice. Usually it’s framed as a threat to ban Whatsapp, but that is only one of many secure messaging applications, one of many communication methods. Other applications will be created and distributed within short timeframes, and prosecutions would require new case law for each one.
    A lot of us have pointed out that technology doesn’t distinguish between criminals and non-criminals: encryption can be used by crims, but so can weaknesses in encryption. In fact, encryption prevents far more crime than it facilitates.


    • Wow – there’s some great ideas in your comment.

      I love your comment that “encryption prevents far more crime than it facilitates.” Which then leads onto the question.. why ban it? What are they really up to?


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