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The Biggest Surveillance Bug in the Room


Great Post on Windows 10.

The Krypt

Already some pretty serious privacy concerns have been identified in the Windows 10 operating system. I’ve looked at the actual release of Windows 10 (not the preview) for this blog post, and found the whole operating system is infestated with invasive ‘features’. My original intention to post a definitive guide to configuring Windows 10 for privacy would have been a lost cause.
Basically Microsoft took Windows 8 and backdoored the shit out of it in every way possible. Actually, it’s worse: what we have is an operating system that informs on its users. By default, without doing a custom installation, Windows will send contacts, calendar entries, locations, keystrokes, voice, advertising ID, browser downloading activity, browsing activity and information about the local network to Microsoft. It’s almost like Microsoft caught onto what people tolerate, and took it to a whole new level.

We don’t yet know whether all this might…

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