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Windows 10 Starts Charging For Missing Features


My honest advice is to stay with Windows 7 until we know what kind of Pandora’s Box Windows 10 will reveal.

Apart from the privacy issues… you may be surprised to know that:

1. Solitaire

Yes, surprising as it might seem, Microsoft has announced it will actually charge users a monthly subscription to play Solitaire – a free staple of Windows releases since Windows 3.0 in 1990.

2. Windows DVD Player

Along with Solitaire, another feature removed from Windows 7 and Windows 8 was the venerable Windows Media Center. WMC was long in the tooth, but beloved by those who still used it and in conjunction with its removal from Windows 10 the lack of even a basic DVD player in the new operating system was something of a mystery.

Not anymore. Microsoft has now announced the launch of ‘Windows DVD Player’. It is no WMC replacement and its full feature list is simply:

  • Plays DVDs on your PC
  • Simple controls for disc navigation

Windows DVD Player also won’t play Blu-ray discs nor DVDs from file backups, it is 100% optical discs only. All of which makes it pretty limited, but this is just the start.

Microsoft states Windows DVD Player will only be “free for a limited time” but doesn’t say how long this will be. Even the player’s FAQ simply says “The timing has not been finalized yet. It will end at or before the free Windows 10 upgrade offer.” Great.

Personally my belief is Microsoft is entitled to do whatever it wants to do and earn however it wants to earn and customers will vote with their feet.

The trouble is in the run up to Windows 10 Microsoft has not been transparent with users so many are not clear on what they are signing up to or from where future costs may come. Microsoft is sitting back and letting ‘Free Windows 10’ do all the selling.

And that’s true: the core Windows 10 experience IS free. But when it comes to even the simplest of extras, what is increasingly clear is users are getting what they paid for…


Time to start installing all those amazing open source (free) applications such as:

  • VLC Player
  • 7 Zip
  • 123 free solitaire (which runs on Windows 10).




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