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How to crack Windows XP passwords – using Ophcrack


Ophcrack is designed to crack Windows passwords, revealing both LM and NTLM hashes.  Windows XP will use the LM hash, which is very easy to crack.  Ophcrack also provide many cracking tables to download.

Step 1 – Download Ophcrack

Download and install Ophcrack, which is magical for cracking Windows passwords.

ophcrack download page

Step 2 – Download Tables

To crack XP we need tables for the LM hash.  Ophcrack offers several tables for download.

Select “Tables”

There are four XP tables – the XP free small is only 380 mb, so we use this to get you started.

ophcrack xp tables download

 Select 3 – Get a hash

The tobtu interface is simple, just 3 steps to get an LM hash to work with.

  1. Enter your plaintext password – here “compaq07” has been used.
  2. Press “Calculate hashes”
  3. The LM hash will appear in window 3.  Copy this hash to paste into Ophcrack.

ophcrack 3 steps

Step 4 – Paste the LM hash into Ophcrack

ophcrack load

To keep your first attempt simple, we will select “Single hash”.

ophcrack single hash

Step 5 – Enter the single hash

Paste in the LM hash we generated earlier.

ophcrack load single hash

Step 6 – Select a Table (XP)

  • Tables
  • XP free small (only 380 mb)
  • Install

ophcrack install a table

Step 7 – CRACK

ophcrack crack

And a minute or two later, your cracked password will appear.

ophcrack end

The LM hash algorithm converts all lowercase characters to uppercase, which is why the password is shown as COMPAQ07.


LM hashes only crack XP passwords, not Windows 7.

To crack Windows 7 we need tables for NTLM – which are your Vista tables.

ophcrack windows 7That’s it!

  1. I love and follow this blog but I should say that clicking the Ophcrack SourceForge link causes my ad blocking Mozilla add-on to block the page with an alert:

    “uBlock Origin has prevented the following page from loading:

    Because of the following filter

    Found in: uBlock filters – Badware risks”

    In March, SourceForge was caught hosting the malware Binkiland and HTG found piggy-backed junkware on SourceForge downloads as recently as June, I just can’t trust that SourceForge is a safe place to get FOSS!


  2. I’m so pleased that you like the blog! Thank you.

    I have heard the horror stories of SourceForge from NMAP…
    If I could find an alternative source for OphCrack, then I would add that, and delete SourceForge as I accept your point.

    No idea why SourceForge decided to turn to the dark side…


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