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Why the SourceForge website is dead to me


Great article about SourceForge – who have turned to the Dark Side…


ublock-origin-sourceforgeSourceForge, another bit of Web 2.0, has become an evil embarrassment.

Today (Sunday, August 9) I clicked on a link to the once-great SourceForge website and my Pale Moon browser kicked up an alert  declaring that the Mozilla add-on uBlock Origin had prevented the page from loading because it contained blacklisted code, namely:


The link I clicked on was contained in a post from the University of South Wales security and privacy blog (which I have followed for years), about using Ophcrack, yet another Windows XP password cracker. Ophcrack is a free open source program hosted on the SourceForge website.

Turns out that uBlock Origin isn’t blocking code so much as blocking the SourceForge website itself — something it’s been doing since at least June 24! And I guess I can’t blame it; I haven’t gone near the website for months.

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