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Google Dorks – How to exploit the Google Database


Google is the most powerful search engine, which makes it the most dangerous in the hands of either those who know too little, or don’t care about privacy.  Let me introduce you to Google dorks, *THIS* will make you cringe.

Google Hacking Database

Step 1 – Google Search Terms

Google will index your exported CSV files of Master passwords.  It will index many dangerous things.  So let me show you how dangerous Google can be.

ext:csv intext:”password”

google dorks code

This is what it looks like in the Google search bar.

google dorks 1

Step 2 – Google returns results

Click on a link… any link.

Here we see the second link is to “TurboPasswords CSV Export File”.

google dorks 2 turbo paswords

So what has been published in TurboPasswords?

Email, passwords, Admin passwords and even answers to security questions.

Yes, I know that you are speechless right now, but trust me, it gets worse.

google dorks 3

All I ask is that you do not publish your master password lists.  Google will faithfully index them for everyone.

Alas, Google will also index photos.

I have just been traumatised over the last 5 minutes looking at nightmare photos, from naked men wrestling to some poor lady in bed.  Why she’s taken such an unflattering photo, is a mystery to all of mankind.

google dorks photos published

Nightmare photos is utterly bizarre, beyond my comprehension,

google dorks photos

Please, I beg you, do not do this – I am in need of Counseling.

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