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Private Search engines – Startpage and Duckduckgo


Quiz: How does Google make their money?

Answer: Every search term you enter, is tracked against your IP and resold on.

Every search term entered into Google is resold on – and its a honeytrap for court orders.  

Can you guarantee that you’ll never be divorced, or investigated by the taxman, for the rest of your life?  The answer to this, is the reason you need to start using private search engines.

 There are two search engines that promise not to track your IP.



Startpage have won the European award for privacy – TWICE!!

They do not track your IP.

They do not comply with court orders to hand over your search terms – because they have not recorded your IP

They use perfect forward secrecy – so even if the SSL key were decrypted – they would only gain one sessions data.


You cannot afford to continue using Google, without using Startpage to access the Google search engine or duckduckgo to get your results.

Startpage offer a proxy service, so you can gain Google results, without Google every knowing that its you – and more importantly Startpage will shield your IP – they strip it from the query, so Google cannot know its you.

Duckduckgo offer untargeted advertising, that is related to your search term to fund itself.  They do not hold a honeytrap of personal search terms.

Think of a medical claim – where the insurance company does not want to pay out.  Will they serve a court order on Google to get your search terms, and use those to say you had a pre existing condition, or were planning an accident to make a claim?  Of course they would.  Come on people, you need to see how this data will be used AGAINST you.

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