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Best VPN Services Review – 2016 – Torrentfreak


The TorrentFreak survey is the best analysis of the VPN market.  As we eagerly await their 2016 survey, lets discuss why it is important.  Firstly it challenges the assumption that all VPN’s are safe.  Several infamous VPN’s exist, such as logmein, who resell your browsing habits to advertisers. handed over details of a client to the authorities.  Choose your VPN supplier very carefully, they are not all equal.

A VPN supplier should be committed to privacy, and design their systems to withstand court orders.  Look for a Warrant Canary, and look for a supplier that does not record your IP.

Next, ask how often do they wipe their logs?  Some logs may be kept, for troubleshooting.. but these logs need to be wiped quickly – as they are a honeypot for a court order. Ideally no logs must be kept.

There are some privacy tactics that you can control, these are:

Set your VPN to start when your computer boots, so that all internet activity is hidden from your ISP (this bypasses the Snoopers Charter, as they have to decrypt your traffic to read it).

Talking of encryption, check that strong encryption will be used.  Avoid RSA 1024 bit and AES 128 suppliers.  The EU had dictated that RSA4096 should be used.  The EU also stated that we need to move to 16,000 bit keys in the future.

IVPN uses RSA 4096 bit keys with AES 256 symmetric keys and OpenVPN.

1. IVPN Client > Settings > General Tab

Being human, we can all forget to start the VPN before we start browsing.  Therefore you might find the “start at login” option the safest precaution.

Start at Login


Our dear UK government is attempting to bring back the Snoopers Charter; which means your ISP is the enemy.

Should you mistype child prom, then expect a knock at the door.  Let me repeat that.. no drunken googling for child prom. Ever.

To sidestep the Snoopers Charter (which makes the ISP track and record your browsing), then encrypt the link.  They can see your connection to the VPN service, but have to put some effort into decryption.  Use a 14-24 character password for the VPN.


Warrant Canary – can be found here:


Which VPN Services take your anonymity seriously?  2015 edition


  1. Bibbo permalink

    What are your thought about the frootvpn? I’ve been seeing lots of articles about it saying that its good and price is a very cheap? ivpn is a bit pricey


    • Hi bibbo, great question about frootvpn. Their prices are very economic. However they failed the leak DNS servers test. The VPN provider should act as your DNS, and needs to leak proof the vpn. Tools for testing WEBRTC are here With that exception stated, frootvpn have passed the privacytools test… so they are accepted as decent. They’re not the best in class, but for that price, you wouldn’t expect them to be the market leaders.


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