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Shoutout for Excellence: Linux Magazine – Germany


If anyone is interested in Linux, there is only 1 magazine that I can recommend.  Linux Magazine is shipped from Germany each month, and it’s worth its weight in gold.

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This month’s article on hashing, is superb.

Cryptographic hash functions help you protect your passwords, but hashing is only secure if properly understood.

Hash functions are an integral part of computer science – and not just with databases and checksums. Hashes were originally intended for storing data efficiently in memory, but the hashing concept has evolved into a technique for securely storing passwords.

Linux writes the password hash values to the /etc/shadowfile, which you can only read if you have root privileges. But even if you have the root password, you’ll find it difficult to learn any useful access information. The function used to store the password hash values in etc/shadow is a one-way function, which means you can’t work backward from the hash value to create the original password – at least in theory. As you’ll learn in this article, attackers still sometimes manage to crack these supposedly irreversible hash functions.

Ask Klaus

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If you want the best information on Linux, Security, Hashing or the world of Linux Kernel development, this magazine is the most informed  resource that money can buy.

Security – Virus Bulletin – Linux Magazine

Point and Click Tool = From Russia or Ukraine

3ROS attack tool lowers the technical bar so anyone can be an intruder.

A new chapter in the history of malware opens with the arrival of 3ROS, an exploit kit with a user-friendly GUI designed to make it easier for beginners to infect and exploit Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android victims. The tool, as described in the Virus Bulletin, resembles many admin GUIs that incorporate various tools into a simple point-and-click interface. The user can browse for an exploit or a malware payload through an easy series of menus.

According to a report in the Register, 3ROS will “… make pwning as easy as ordering pizza.” The system is believed to originate from Russia or Ukraine and appears to be the basis for the Hunter exploit kit, which is also gaining popularity as a user-friendly attack tool.

Million Websites running on SHA1 Certs

linux magazin sha certs


If you like the content of Linux Magazine – try out a trial subscription.

It’ll instantly become your favourite love letter from Germany.


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