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The Minions at Microsoft and Windows 10


The hardware on this Dell is so extreme that its ridiculous.  However Windows 10 is in my technical opinion, so slow, that it could rival Windows 98.

It takes an utter age to load up.  Minutes to get to the logon screen.  It’s brand new and it’s utter pants.

Should I delete the OS and return to Windows 7?  To prevent sheer frustration, yes I should.  No PC should run this slowly.   I could scream.

The drivers from Wifi adapters to printer are starting to appear – but it’s the s..   l…. o… w…. n…e…..s…..s  of the OS that makes my skin crawl.

This hardware should be flying.  Yet its so slow, that we’re back to Windows 98 speeds – which makes you wonder what all the minions at Microsoft do all day.


  1. Ha! Whatever they do, they do it at a nice leisurely West Coast pace, just like those of us just up the Coast from Redmond, Wa., in Vancouver, B.C. I’m always dumbfounded that while my Windows 8 laptop starts up and shuts down faster than Windows 7, Windows 8 almost seems incapable of multitasking at times – particularly times that involve networking.

    What we need are East Coast operating systems — those would do everything in a New York minute.


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