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XMAS BACKUP – Free Windows backup software – REFLECT


As its Christmas, it’s time to do a back up of your laptop.  Lets get this sorted into steps that will protect you from hardware failure and ransomware.

Step 1 – Create a restore point.

  1. Type in “restore” into the windows search box.

restore win 10


restore create win 10

Windows will then create a restore point of software and applications installed as at today’s date.


Step 2 – Download REFLECT


The agent file is 3.5 mb.  The *actual* download is over 570 mb – so this download is a whopper compared to Veeam.  Go mow the lawn, and then do step 3.

Step 3 – Install REFLECT

Select the Free version (first radial button)

reflect step 1 download agent

Wizard starts

Ignore registering the software – you don’t need to.

reflect wizard 1

Install for all users > Next

reflect wizard 2


Step 4- Open Reflect – Burn Rescue ISO

Main Interface

reflect interface

The initial prompt will ask you to create rescue media.  Do this.  Have a DVD /CD ready.

reflect create rescue media

reflect put in dvd


Drivers Next

reflect dvd drivers

Prepare Windows Image

A major download from Windows will take place, once you select next.

reflect prepare image

Burn Rescue CD/DVD

Put CD/DVD into Drive.  Finish > ISO burns.

burn rescue dvd.png

Step 5 – Backup Disk


reflect image this disk

Browse to External Drive

reflect browse to external drive



Add Schedule > Full – on the first of each month

reflect schedule full interface

reflect schedule monthly



Run Now

It’ll ask for your windows user name and password.

reflect summary


reflect backup starts

Step 6 – Verify Image

If this is your primary full backup of your laptop, take the time to verify the backup image is a good one.

Restore Tab

Verify Image

verify image.png

reflect verify image

Reflect is slick and intuitive.  It’s easier to use than Veeam.


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