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How to find Windows 7 License keys – including Windows 10, Exchange, SQL Server and OFFICE keys


Often we need to find the Windows License key  to reinstall an operating system.

So how do we get our License Keys?


Step 1 – Download ProduKey

You’ll see these 4 download links:

license keys

Download and extract these files.    You can run just one or all of them, as the first and second download will probably save you.

PS. If you don’t have an extraction app, use peazip to extract it.  Peazip is free and open source.


Step 2 – Run as Admin

Run as Admin.  **Must have evelated rights to extract the key.

license keys produkey

Default Options Menu

license keys options menu

Step 3 – All done!

There is no step 3 as ProduKey will reveal all your Windows License Product keys.  Including:

  • Windows 7 and Windows 10 License Keys

  • Microsoft OFFICE License Keys

  • SQL Server and Exchange Server Keys



Remember to keep a screenshot of your product keys against host id… that way you’ll always know the host to office id to windows 10 key when you need to reinstall them.  Of course, keep these off the main c drive… either printed out or on a usb drive in case of hard drive failure when you can’t retrieve the product keys.

That’s my New Years Treat for you.



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