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How your kettle could steal your car: Cyber security expert says Ford’s plans to link vehicles to smart home-hubs will leave owners susceptible to hackers


The “Internet of Everything” is my greatest nightmare, and this article discusses this “interconnected” catastrophic nightmare.  We are racing towards the Internet of Everything and its a car wreck.  Devices do not need to be registered or even safe.

Ford’s ambitious plans to link cars to household appliances has come under fire from a cyber security expert who said the technology could make it easy for hackers to steal their cars and data.

The carmaker wants drivers to be able to switch on their heating, lights and even smart kettles from behind the wheel, but cyber-hack guru Tony Dyhouse said security software in appliances could easily be breached by online criminals.

As a result of having your vehicle linked up to devices in your home, hackers could steal your car using your kettle, he warned.

‘My concern is the expansion of the footprint of these home hub systems for hackers,’ he said.

If there is a path from the car to a smart hub linked to a variety of devices, there is also a path in the opposite direction.

‘That means there’s opportunity to hack any device within the entire network by using the signal as a portal.

‘The more devices you add results in an exponential increase in risk. Ultimately, someone online could unlock your car doors and start the engine by hacking into your smart kettle.’


Surveillance Alert

The Police may check your smart kettle records to check when you were in the house.

Burglars would find that same information useful to find out when you’re out.

Should employers have the rights to access your kettle’s records – to see if you were home early?

Smart devices sound great, but when we change the context, they become dangerous.

Is it wise to link multiple smart devices?  Depends, if its convenient yes, but if the device is reporting you to your employers, then maybe you’d prefer some privacy from your kettle.

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