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How to Hack a New Car With Your iPhone or Android


According to crafty insurance moguls, their revolutionary ‘smart’ plug-in device connects to your car’s computer port which is normally located just beneath the steering wheel. They claim that it only records drivers when they accelerate, brake and steer. They claim that this data will reveal how erratic a driver you are, which in turn will determine your road risk actuary – and how much you will have to pay for auto insurance.

SMART? Munic Box plug-in technology allows an access portal into your car’s computer functions.

Most ‘smart’ people realize that this smart device will not save you money, as much as it will give insurance companies like Progressive an easy metric by which to raise your rates, not lower them.

If that isn’t bad enough, now cyber researchers in America have shown how hackers can send a simple text message to manipulate your car’s functions – even disable your car’s brakes.


The hack was performed by engineering students Karl Koscher and Ian Foster from the University of California, San Diego, remotely hijacked a lovely cherry Corvette through a smart device used by auto insurer Metromile.


How your kettle could steal your car

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  2. I think most people actually know the downside to data gathering and monitoring, even if they’re not consciously aware of it. We know that, by opting to have some ‘black box’ installed, we’re opening ourselves up to having our insurance costs increased by some abitrary measures. Not just car insurance, but any aspect of life where activity can be quantified.

    By the way, aren’t the brakes supposed to be isolated from the car’s main electronics, as a failsafe?


  3. There are several sectors that give me that sense of dismay. Firstly we have medical devices – which is about 15 years behind society, in that they have no virus checkers. If you can inject ransomware into a device that could give you a heart attack, then you’re onto a money spinner (regardless of how sick that is to do). Next, we have the car industry. **face palms**. Brakes, lights etc, should be isolated. They are safety devices, and should not connect to the internet. I can imagine kids at the bus stop, using one of these devices, to cause accidents. No-one likes sitting at the bus stop – so setting off window screen wipers or brakes would be great fun. I cannot understand car makers or medical manufacturers, that bring these products to market – when they are such a risk to civilians.


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