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Open Mesh – How to set up Open Mesh Routers


Open Mesh versus Meraki

Open Mesh give you a **FREE** lifetime license to the cloud controller.  Yay!

You reuse your existing ISP router as internet access, DHCP, and DNS – the rest of the devices can mesh with this one internet connection.

Lets compare costs..

open mesh cost meraki

Speeds are 2.4 GHz at 150/300 or 450 mbps.  Whereas 5 GHz is faster at 1300 mbps – but remember 5 Ghz has a shorter range (needs wide open spaces).

All Open Mesh devices are cheap as chips.

***No Monthly costs – just the hardware cost***

Skips away.

Place your “gateway” device with the internet connection centrally!.  CENTRALLY…

Each “hop” cuts the speed in half, so you need the gateway in the centre, so that at most the other devices are 1-2 hops away.  Gateway = Full speed, 1st hop = Half speed, 2nd hop = quarter speed.  CENTRAL is the mantra with open mesh devices.


This video is 1 hour 15 mins.. if you want to listen to open mesh info in the background.

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