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Deep Power v shallow habits


Our habits define us; our career success and technical abilities depend upon deep power and concentration. Shallow habits such as checking facebook reduce our abilities to mediocre levels.  Deep concentration requires absolute quiet, and pushes our cognitive abilities beyond their breaking point.

Every morning, drink your coffee in bed.  It’s nice, warm and quiet.  Set your sunrise alarm for 1 hour early.

Place your books on the side, and read a chapter with your morning coffee – every day.

These incremental chapters, or half chapters, increase your knowledge and learning, when your brain is empty of thoughts, and distractions.

Give it a month, and you’ll have gained more than 20 hours of “clean, pure” learning.

Make this a habit, and your levels of technical learning will surpass even 4 hours of evening revision.   Learn when your surroundings are totally peaceful and totally silent, and when your brain is fresh and able to comprehend complex material.

This is deep learning versus shallow learning.  Always go for deeper more complex learning – when you’re warm and relaxed.  Serenity is the key.

Initially your concentration times may only be 45 mins at most.  Gradually this will become 1 hour and then 90 mins.   Remember less is more.  20 minutes is better than 4 hours.

Short bursts of activity are the key to amazing success in your exams and life. Try to get as much work done before breakfast before the manic day begins. Quiet serenity is the key to “deep learning”.

  1. This. This is why I aced the exams without having to revise.


    • Early morning “learning” is deep, calm learning… So much around us is just “shallow”, and the money in future will follow deep learning. Therefore, with this habit, I would predict a very prosperity career ahead of you 🙂


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