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Apple CEO Tim Cook claims FBI wants him to develop the ‘software equivalent of CANCER’ to unlock San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone


Apple chief Tim Cook says the FBI is asking him to develop ‘the software equivalent of cancer’ in order to hack an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

‘The only way to get information (…) would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the equivalent of cancer,’  Cook told ABC News on Tuesday in his first interview since the court order came down last week.

‘We think it’s bad news to write. We would never write it. We have never written it – and that is what is at stake here. We believe that is a very dangerous operating system.’

Warning: There are another 13 cases the FBI has waiting in the wings if they win this court order.  Tim Cook has done the right thing to deny the FBI this code.

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