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How this blog started – and how you’ve helped me so much


The aim of the blog, has always been to allow my University Professors to check that I was “reading at the right level” for an Hons degree.

After the blog exceeded 1.3 million hits, I wondered whether my Professors considered the reading a success.


When selecting a research topic, a Professor may tell you to select a subject that you are passionate about, or a subject from a list of “approved research matters”.  Either way, the topic you select will become a specialism.

How would my Professors view my Kali Password hacking article or the article that shows how to have a virtually uncrackable password.  On one hand  you need to know how to hack a password, in order to show you how to create a password that will survive your lifetime. These two issues are the two sides of a single coin.

So, here we are, one and a third million hits later.  Thank you to everyone who’s commented and asked questions.  These questions have been the greatest pleasure to research and answer – and led me to new and exciting avenues that never would have occurred to me. Therefore, the blog belongs to you, as much as to me, and I owe you one gigantic thank you for your questions.  You are the secret magical charm that powers the blog.


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