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WIFI HACKING – KISMET – How to Install Kismet on Windows


Lets see if Kismet can run on a Windows 10 laptop.  Here are the hurdles to jump through.. and downloading the first stages is slow – you will lose the will to live, but lets see if this works.

Step 1 – Download Cygwin

Get Cygwin here 

Accept most of the default settings for installation. These include install from Internet, install for all users and a download site.

kismet 1 install from internet

All users

kismet 2 all users

kismet 3 direct connection.png

kismet 4 select download mirror

Okay, here comes the packages – and the installs will take an age.  Put your feet up, watch TV all night and let the downloading begin…

kismet 5 directories



You will need

Step 2 – Development – 3 packages

  • gcc
  • kismet install gcc core

Step 3 – Libs – 2 packages

  • libncures

Step 4 – Utils – 3 packages

  • patch

Once the packages are downloaded, let the installer run.  As I said, you will lose the will to live – so make sure you have some serious catchup TV to hand.


Step 5 – Make some directories

Open Cygwin and make some directories.

mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd
mkgroup -l > /etc/group


Create windows users and groups

To make the root account an Administrators account.

net localgroup “Administrators” “root” /add
type this in again – and if it’s worked you’ll get an error as shown above.kismet add a wheel group for root

then create a wheel group
net localgroup wheel /add


Now add root into the wheel group.
net localgroup “wheel” “root” /add


Download the last Kismet version – to the /home directory download latest version

To cheat here type in tar -xvf kismet – and next hit the
TAB KEY… it will auto fill in the path for you.  Lazy but awesome.

Uncompress the file – using the TAB key!

tar -xvf kismet (now hit TAB)

#tar -xvf kismet-2016-01-R1.tar.gz

Change to the Kismet directory
Then Configure – notice that you need to disable pcap or this will fail.

#cd kismet-2016-01-R1
#./configure –disable-pcap

Run the following command to generate the dependencies:

#make dep


kismet make depThen, compile and install Kismet.


Did it work?




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  2. Greg permalink

    Cannot add a Root account to either of these local groups. All I get are the following errors.

    $ net localgroup “Administrators” “Root” /add
    System error 1376 has occurred.

    The specified local group does not exist.


    $ net localgroup “wheel” “root” /add
    System error 1376 has occurred.

    The specified local group does not exist.


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