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IPhone – How to hack the iPhone password


You can buy this £120 iphone hacking tool in the UK from the fonefunshop.

Watch the hack here:


The website to buy this hacking tool at the fonefunshop is here:

It’s a brilliant example of “brute force hacking”, as it’s so visual.


User Guide

At FoneFunShop we have been helping people setup their tools since 1996, so we understand the frustration of getting a new tool to work.

We made the following guide to help you get up and running with your new IP-Box, We hope it helps 🙂


1. Download Software and update IP-Box to 8.2v

Download and unzip new version 8.2v from (you may need winrar to unzip it)
Here is a video showing you how to update the IP-Box V2
(This video will show you how to update your box firmware to new version 6.3, its the same method to update to 8.2) 


2. Fix unlock code parameter settings on your IP-Box

You need to do this to fix a bug in version 8.2v, if you dont do this you will find that your box will work too quickly at entering codes.
4500 in the each group of data interval (ms) area and click Download (free computer test plan 1) to the instrument button to program the box
just like the picture below.

Once this is done you are ready to use your IP-Box to unlock the passcode on your first iPhone



3. Check iOS of iPhone you Plan to bruteforce

Identify the firmware version of the iPhone and make sure its 7.anything


Method 1 (recommended):

Use the iPhone Network Check service this will tell you the exact iOS version the iPhone is using


Method 2.

download ifunbox2014 Download iFunBox

make sure you take the 2014 version

Install and run itConnect your iPhone to your PC (close iTunes if it opens automatically)

Click your phone when it displays in the bottom left corner (pictured below)

Your ios version is now displayed (pictured below)
Make sure it is 7.x.x

4. Setting up cables and connections
now you are satisfied the iPhone is running 7.x.x its time to hook up your ip-box and get it earning its keep.

first of all, close any ip-box software you are running, its not needed.

if you are using a charging cable you will need to connect your mini usb cable to PC and to the ip-box, as the power from your pc will flow through the ip-box and ultimately keep charging your iPhone while its being brute forced.

if you arent using a charging cable theres no need to connect the ip-box to your pc.

now, connect your light sensor to the disabled iphone on a black part of the screen, place it in a place you know would be well lit after a password is entered correctly (just above the slide for emergency area of the screen works for me).

push the sensor through the foam so its sitting on the glass and its all nice and flush
hold the sensor in place with tape.

finally connect your cable from ip-box usb port to the phone port.

5. Release the Beast

now all the connections are in place, press the button on the clip to start the brute force will see the number increase by one number and a subsequent BUZZ as the code fails.

you should get Number…BUZZ…Number…BUZZ…Number…BUZZ etc. etc.

TIP: if you get Number .. Number.. Number BUZZ then its not setup right, try stopping the process and repositioning the light sensor and restarting the procedure.

Now leave it going, and go and do something else while it does its job.Once the IP-Box gets the correct code the iPhone menu will appear as normal, which will trigger the light sensor and ultimately your IP-Box will begin beeping and flashing the correct passcode number.


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