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Vivaldi – New Browser – With Duckduckgo Search


vivaldi browser

vivaldi speed dial

Change the Search engines

I deleted Bing, Yahoo and Google, and added

The two privacy search engines are and – so make sure they’re the only two that you can default to.

Cog (Bottom Left Corner)

vivaldi startpage

Speed Dial

Add speed dials for your favourite sites. You can see that I’ve added IVPN.

IVPN kicks in to prevent any accidental encrypted connections to the Internet. This is the failsafe setting.   I use the DNS servers of IVPN rather than the DNS of the ISP for ultimate privacy.


vivaldi speed dial


I added the Ghostery Chrome add on to stop trackers.  It worked!  So Chrome Add ons can be used with Vivaldi.  The Ghostery feedback bubble gives great feedback to remind you that you are always being tracked online.

HTTPS EVERYWHERE – EFF – Encrypted Browsing

vivalid https everywhere.png

AdBlock Plus, Privacy Badger – Superb Addons

vivalid adblock plus

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