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McAfee: 90% of Americans would perish if the Power Grid is attacked


Full transcript here:

  • Cyber Warfare discussion at 22.18 mins
    The US Power grid is 50 years old – and vulnerable.

  • No power means no food or water (electricity is needed to process food).


  • CIA estimates are that 90% of Americans would perish within 24 months of a power grid attack.  Only 10% of America would survive due to lack of access to food and water.


  • Nuclear war cannot approach that level of devastation.


This is a very interesting rationale.  Cyber warfare that attacks the civilian infrastructure would cause more harm than nuclear warfare.  Water supplies would of course trigger immediate harm.  Access to fresh clean water is of utmost priority.  So rather than attacking the electrical grid, it would make more sense to target water supplies.  Oh course, we all hope it never comes to this, but it’s a very interesting thought.

The natural antidote to this, is to locate clean fresh water, and the means of sterilising water.

A second point is that those homes with solar panels, will have some form of limited power (if it’s sunny).  This highlights that power tools, that need electricity would be useless.  Time to invest in some good quality but non powered tools for the garden then.

Camping equipment would be very useful. In fact, any equipment that would function during a power cut would be useful to have around.  Gardening and camping stores would see a boom time – as would cash transactions, as your credit cards won’t work.

So logically we would be back in the barter system for a short while.  The taxman would be most unhappy at that.  No tax = no money for the government.  What a thought!


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