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IVPN – Free 3 day Trial of VPN – Affiliate


If you’ve always wanted to try out a VPN without risk, then IVPN’s 3 day trial may be the right solution for you.  As you’ve probably guessed, I’m a fan of their service – which after 4 years of faultless service, I can honestly recommended as flawless.  I’m a proud affiliate of IVPN, as I can’t find anyone who’s better.  I won’t promote anyone else, as nothing compares to them in my opinion.


IVPN operate your DNS server, so that  your ISP can’t tell the sites you’re visiting.

If you want to use torrents you have to connect to European servers.

Their VPN speeds are superior as they are geared for high speeds.

As I’ve said, IVPN have provided flawless service and its been designed from top to bottom to provide ultimate security.  What makes them different from other VPN providers includes:

  1. Resistant to court orders.  IVPN has been designed to withstand court orders under FISA or the Patriot Act.
  2. Strong encryption – RSA 4096 public key crypto to safeguard the AES 256 symmetric key.
  3. Their installer works on mobile phones, laptops, MAC, Linux, Android and even your router.  Up to 3 devices can connect under one account – so your home router and mobile phone can both use IVPN.
  4. Multiphop technology – so your VPN can route via two countries eg from the UK to the Netherlands back to the UK.
  5. They have never complied with a court order, or a DMCA order for disclosure.
  6. The server log is wiped every 10 minutes.  This was the deciding factor for me – other VPN’s keep their server logs for 3 days or even a week. The 10 minute log deletion rule was the killer factor for me.  Whatever residual data may have existed, has been wiped before a court order could even be obtained.
  7. Their warrant canary confirms each month that no servers have been seized.
  8. They offer a 3 day free trial if you’d like to test out their lightening speeds.
  9. The system is so good, it even works in China – it bypasses the great firewall of China.

I can’t find a more secure VPN provider.  No-one else comes close.


Warrant Canary – can be found here:

ivpn win 10


Which is the safest VPN on the market? Who do I use for a VPN?




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