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Password hacking / password cracking –


If password cracking is a subject that you’d like to find out more about, then I’d highly recommend


Step 1 – Crack your MD5 hash

Decrypter/Cracker > MD5 Decrypter

hashkiller md5

Here you can see options for NTLM and SHA1 crackers.

Step 2 – paste in your hash

Paste your hash into the cracker – remember to enter the captcha in the bottom left hand corner

The hash shown is for the password “cracker” – lets see if hashkiller knows about it.

md5 cracker paste in hash

If Hashkiller has your password, the cracked password will appear.

The MD5 password that I hashed was “cracker” – which they instantly cracked 🙂  They offer the same online tools for both NTLM and SHA1 hashes.  Remember that you must use the correct hashing algorithm to crack a password.

There is one last point to consider;  if Hashkiller can instantly crack your password, then your password is not secure.


md5 cracker cracked

Step 3 – Unknown Hash – use Hash ID

Download Hash ID where the hashing algorithm is unknown.  This will ID the hash for you.

hash id idenitify the hash

HASH ID will ID the hash being used

hash id md5 hash identified

If you can’t crack the hash directly – send it to where dedicated crackers will attempt to crack it.  They will be able to identify the hash by its characteristics eg wordpress MD 5 hashes:


Step 4 – Read the Forums

To really understand cracking, enjoy reading the forums, which include a password cracking request section if you need to crack your own password.

hash forum


KALI – How to crack passwords using Hashcat – The Visual Guide

  1. is another hash cracking site.


    • I’ve just tried out the site and it instantly decrypted the hash for “dragon” and “toor”, so it looks good. Thanks for this headsup.


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