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Service Broker and Message Queue Server


The Krypt

SQL Server provides a relatively easy way to decouple the messaging from the data being communicated between applications, and provides a service bus for inter-service messaging. Service Broker takes the form of a separate collection of tables in an SQL database, each table being a messaging queue, and the operations are performed using a special variant of the SQL query language.

Advantages of Asynchronous Messaging
With synchronous communication, one application will send a message to the address of the receiving application, which might have a listener process on a TCP/UDP port. An acknowledgement message might be returned to the sending/requesting application, enabling it to switch to another messaging task.


While this pont-to-point method of communication might be more efficient on a network with relatively few services, it’s not scalable. Dependencies might exist between the applications, and there must be a way of tracking or resolving application addresses.
Asynchronous messaging is…

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