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VPN – Is this the Ultimate guide to a VPN 2016?


As you know, I adore accomplished VPN providers, particularly as the UK keeps trying to promote the “Snoopers Charter”.  Today I discovered someone has been researching the VPN market, and provided an extended set of results, with a traffic light colour coding.

I’m not recommending any VPN here, just asking that you choose a VPN that will keep you safe.

VPN Providers – Simple Results

vpn simple comparision 1

Filtered by 1. Logging and 2. Security

Results in 14 VPN providers being identified

vpn filtered by logging & security

You really do not want a VPN provider that logs your connection.  The server needs to be configured not to keep logs or the active wiping of any logs every few minutes needs to be in effect.Keeping the logs in RAM, rather than to disk is also important.

For instance if server logs were only wiped once a week, then a court order could obtain all your connection records.  If a server is seized, there needs to be no logs, or your privacy has been breached.

Filtered by 1. Logging 2. Security 3. Availability and 4. Privacytools criteria (my personal criteria).

Results in 7 VPN providers being identified

vpn top 7

What are the important services in these Top 7 providers?

  1. We see that they all offer OpenVPN = this is an excellent start.
  2. DNS servers = Definitely needed.  So really our top 7 is only 6 providers.

vpn top 7 services

Now, we get down to the services that you would like to see.  Do you want multihop?  If you did, then we’re down to 4 providers.

If, like me, you’re a fan of Obfsproxy, then things are easier, as there are only 2 providers. Obfsproxy is designed to bypass OpenVPN censorship.  It hides OpenVPN traffic by use of an “obscuring proxy” server, hence the name.

3. P2p ?  Read the restrictions carefully.

vpn p2p

 4. Countries

The UK uses High Court orders to prevent our ISP’s accessing banned websites as a form of censorship.  It’s subtle, but the censorship is there. However, if you wanted to watch BBC iPlayer, then a British IP would be needed.    Accessing the internet from a range of countries is an invaluable asset from a VPN provider.

vpn countries


Which VPN do I use?

It’s well known that I’ve used IVPN for years.  If a friend asked me would I recommend them, then the answer has to be yes.

So where did I get this VPN data?

Simple Excel spreadsheet

Extended Excel spreadsheet


And Finally, some additional advice would be:

Always look for OpenVPN support.

Obfsproxy will bypass most anti VPN technology.

vpn service


Use a Minimum of RSA 4096 (EU ENISA Report)

The EU’s ENISA recommended a minimum of RSA 4096.  RSA 15360 is recommended in the longer term (page 35)

vpn security



Good luck!

NordVPN Website


EU ENISA Report on Encryption

DNS Leaks and other issues with VPN’s


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