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IVPN – VPN Speed Test of over 200 mb


Wow, what can I say?  We’ve just run a speed test on IVPN using servers in various towns.

  1. Woking = 137 mb

  2. Bracknell = 136 mb

  3. Reading = 216 mb. **Seriously… no joke

The Reading server at one point reached 239 mb after which it maxed out.

The settings were TCP port 80 > London Server > Obfsproxy (bypass censorship) on a MAC. Yes, a Mac, not a Windows laptop.

I knew that IVPN said their speeds weren’t throttled… but at over 200 mb – that’s twice the fastest speeds found in Sweden (100 mb).

We did not expect this result.

On the other hand, our location in South Wales didn’t fair so well on speed tests.

  1. Gloucester = 67 mb
  2. Newport = 29 mb
  3. Cardiff = 30 mb.

30mb is respectable, but disappointing compared with the speeds that the VPN can operate at, if you tested from the Reading servers.

The tests from Reading show what can be achieved – and it was amazing to watch.

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