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VPN Secure (Australia) – VPN Review


Today, we’ll look at an Australian VPN provider, and check out how safe they really are to use.  Selecting a privacy VPN is quite a task; and much research is needed.  Firstly we need a provider that does not log traffic, and has strong encryption.

VPN Secure (Australia)

VPN Secure Site

We need to consider privacy issues, such as does the VPN log our IP, then technical issues such as security and how easy is it to install.


Here we see how VPN Secure (Australia) perform.  They do not log your traffic, nor your DNS requests.  They do not timestamp your connection, bandwidth or IP Address – this is excellent for privacy.  If a server was seized, then the logs will reveal nothing.


 However the issue of DNS requests is not one we can glance over.  The VPN provider must act as your DNS server (not your ISP).  The last thing you want is BT acting as your DNS server – that way they can track every site you’ve visited.  You can test for DNS leaks on this site – test your VPN.




Next we consider in which countries they have servers.  The nearer the server the fast response you should get.  It’s also useful as in the UK we have the “Snoopers Charter”, therefore we might prefer to use an IP in France or the Netherlands.  The network speeds of the Netherlands are high – another reason to connect outside of the UK.

vpn speed.png

vpn secure speed#.png

If you wish to watch BBC iPlayer, then you will need to use a server based in the UK.

However if you are based in the UK, remember that the Snoopers Charter makes the ISP store all your browsing records for 12 months.  So use your ISP, to connect to the VPN, and then use the DNS server of the VPN provider (not your ISP).  vpn-secure-dns

Lastly – always use OpenVPN.  Always, without exception use OpenVPN.

VPN Secure offer a free trial.



VPN Secure Site


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