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How to steal passwords from web browsers – Windows 10 & Windows 7


Sometimes, you’ll forget your password to a site.  In that situation WebBrowserPassView will find those forgotten passwords.  Alas, its dangerous in that it will detect your Paypal login ID and password too.  Use this tool with care.  Don’t put in on a USB and install it on a girlfriends laptop – as that’s called stalking.  Stalking is being weird, so don’t go there.

Step 1 – Download WebBrowserPassView

The tool works fine on Windows 10.  You may find that it’s detected as a Virus or dangerous tool and you’ll have to make an exception for it.

Step 2 – Install it and away she goes

The app will launch revealing all your forgotten login ID and passwords.


Step 3 – Reused passwords.

At a guess, you’ll find that you’ve been reusing the same 3 passwords on various accounts.

That’s a no no.

Step 4 – Download and Install Browsing History View


Select the number of days to filter by… here I’ve selected only 3 days.


And the results… are all the sites that my browser has seen over the last 3 days.  Here you can see the screenshots taken for blog articles published this week.



Screenshots created for articles.


Use these tools wisely, and only on your own laptop.

Finding out someones paypal login ID and password is hacking.   Even if you’re using this data for a divorce, remember that you’ll need to admit to what you’re doing, and there will be no happy endings.

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