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Keyloggers: personal opinion


This evening I decided to have a mess about with a keylogger.  The application freaked me out, to the point that within 30 minutes I had to uninstall it as too disturbing.  I know that Love INT is where keyloggers are used by partners who suspect their girlfriend is cheating or having an affair.  But seriously, this is sick stuff.

Triggers your Webcam to take pics.

You can select the webcam to take a photo every 2-3 minutes.  The light does come on when the webcam is operational, but with a little tinkering, I’m certain that can be prevented.



It records the passwords and content of emails.  It screenshots the email client so that you can see the inbox, just as your partner would.


You can set the keylogger to take screenshots every minute.  Sick.


Microphone recording & Chat recording

You can set the microphone to record all audio conversations.  It will record both sides of the chat session.

Task Manager

The application does not show up in task manager.

Off site logs

The logs are sorted into screenshots, audio, visual and text.  The logs can be transferred via a LAN connection, to a USB or even to an email address.

Secret Uninstall on a set date.

You can set the keylogger to silently and secretly uninstall on a specific date.


I suppose this is so that the keylogger is  active for the time that your girlfriend is on holiday, so that you can monitor if she has a holiday romance.  You are playing with fire if you put a keylogger on her laptop and then sneakily uninstall it on the day she comes home.

I honestly cannot suggest that you use keyloggers as the jealous partner, or the concerned parent on your teenage children, as the breach of trust is so great.

There really is no way to forgive someone who uses a keylogger on their partner or child.


  1. Using a Keylogger on your girlfriend is like using the Dark Side of the Force, once you use it you can never come back and you will ruin your relationship forever.
    In post like this you should use words like “Attacker” and “Victim” and never mention humans related scenarios AT ALL.

    Are you really related to a University or you just call yourself “University”? This post was very unprofessional.


    • I dislike the constant use of cliches such as “miscreants” in the security world. The motive behind certain attacks means that Love Int is possibly one of the most common abuses of power; and one which the Data Registrar is most likely to fine.
      Lastly, am I connected to the world’s prettiest University? of course.


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