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BEWARE – From today, the Government is RECORDING everywhere you click online


December 30th marks the date that the Investigatory Powers Act, also known as the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ officially comes into force, allowing the government to collect data on anyone.




The new legislation, described as “world-leading” by home secretary Amber Rudd, will primarily be used to carry out bulk email surveillance, as authorities look to monitor communications between suspects.

However it could also be used to monitor other personal information, including phone records and web browsing history, with web and phone companies required to store this information for 12 months.

The companies would also need to be able to provide police, security services and official agencies with access to this data whenever required.

Law enforcement agencies would also be given powers to hack into the computers and mobile devices of potential suspects.

However the life of the new Act could be short-lived following

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that “general and indiscriminate retention of data” is against EU law in an embarrassing retort to Prime Minister Theresa May.

The court did admit that combatting crime was a legitimate use for the information, but the laws could now be open to change or even withdrawal if there is enough opposition.


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