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Linux: How to run BASH shell on Windows 10 – The Visual Guide


We all love the linux BASH interface, but were you aware that Windows 10 could offer BASH?


Step 1 – Windows 10 Anniversary Build 14393.

Check that you’re running the Anniversary Build 14393.

Search for “about your pc”- look for build version 14393

Home > Windows Settings


Step 2 – Settings > Update & Security

Turn on Developer options > RESTART


Step 3 – Turn Windows Features On

Search “Windows Features” > look for Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta) > tick this option


Wait a long time…..

RESTART (2nd time)


Step 4 – Run BASH

Open a cmd prompt

Type “BASH” and “Y” (for yes)

Wait a long time….

The first time you run Bash you will be asked for a totally separate login id – so I used Root.

Note this ID will appear in your BASH screen, so if anyone will see it – please keep it polite.


Step 5 – Linux Commands to monitor system performance





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