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Qubes OS – Privacy


qubes os

  1. Sweetheart permalink

    Who made that OS, why? Who paid them? Any proves that it comes without malware, backdoors or whatever would compromise the OS? How do you know, that it is not coming from your ruthless government or their clerks? Download safe? Checked independently by third parties? Why should someone trust the OS?


    • 1. We know that any American company has to co-operate with their Government’s laws. 2. We know from Linus’s father, who testified to the European Parliament, that the US had tried to backdoor Linux – but that it had been successfully resisted, because it is open source. 3. There are several private OS Linux systems – which will all have coding errors. No system can be verified totally safe – that is the only thing we can guarantee. However open source means it can be reviewed by other developers. Several developers are trying to address the issues of privacy – as a core issue.


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