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Ever felt as thick as 2 short planks?


Do you ever have those dense days, where everyone else seems to understand something and you just can’t get off the starting block?

I bought a Yubikey, to have a play around with.  Now, the documentation for Yubikey isn’t the best, and they would benefit from hiring a decent technical author.  So 2 weeks on, I’m spending my Sunday afternoons struggling with a piece of kit that is supposed to be effortless.

Then, on a forum I notice a reference to this article.

For months now, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has broken two-factor logins using certain smart cards – and Microsoft has refused to discuss it.


“This showstopper of a bug must be known to Microsoft, as they have fixed it in the Insider preview fast-ring release. They will not publicly acknowledge it, and there is no suggestion that they will patch it either.”


So Microsoft “won’t discuss the issue”.  Well, its not like anyone is not going to notice is it? Your 2 factor authentication system blows up in your face, and you may not notice?  In polite circles this is called “lying by omission”, as in they know that they’ve busted it, but lets not mention it shall we.

There potentially is a fix… that the Microscopic morals company won’t discuss either.

We have confirmation from Microsoft that a hotfix has been released on the Windows Update Catalog that should solve the Windows 10 smart card login issue with the YubiKey. We do not have a timeframe when this will be available as an automatic Windows Update but it is available for a manual download and installation. We’ve done testing in our lab environment and found this has indeed solved the issue.


You can grab the fix, KB3216755, from here. Let your Yubico-using friends know about this bug fix because Microsoft won’t.


And let them know that they’re not mental, dense, incompetent or to blame – rather the Microsoft updates are the villains of the peace.

Updates… we broke the system and called it an update.



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  1. The good news is you don’t need to use the Windows 10 special 2FA sign-in thingy in order to use YubiKey for your login. Instead you can store a password on the YubiKey and have it dump the password into the login screen.
    I must post a more detailed guide on how to do this exactly.


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