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KALI – How to format a USB drive in Linux to FAT32 – The Visual Guide


We use GPARTED to format usb drives in Linux.  Sometimes it works for FAT32, sometimes we have to opt for NTFS, and then use Windows to downgrade it to FAT32.  Here goes..

Step 1 – Run GPARTED in the root terminal


gparted 1

Step 2 – GPARTED

Change to /dev/sdb

gparted for usbSelect unallocated partition

Device > Create Partition Table

or.. right click on the unallocated partition > New

gparted device create partition 2A warning will appear > Apply

gparted device create partition 3Drop Down Boxes will appear.

  • Use these to apply NTFS, FAT32 etc > ADD

  • Create as: Primary

  • File System: FAT32

  • Label: Whatever you want to call your USB pen

gparted device create partition new 4

ADD > Green Tick {apply operations}

gparted green tick

Now Gparted wasn’t successful with FAT32 for me.. but it loved NTFS.

gparted device ntfs usbSo then I sloped off to a Windows system, to reformat the NTFS usb to FAT32.

The Windows system didn’t like the unallocated USB – but loved the NTFS version created by KALI.

But if Gparted or windows formatting fails… don’t worry.. mixed and match them.


 KALI – First things to do after installing Kali Debian Linux – The Visual Guide




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