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Four Principles of Pervasive Computing


There are four key principles of pervasive computing:

Decentralisation.  All computing is done by basic, small devices that are unintelligent, yet communicate in an open community where the structure of connections changes dynamically. (The Hive concept)

Diversification.  Devices are small and special purpose, supplying a few, or even just one type of information.

Connectivity.  Dumb devices can produce powerful and intelligent behaviour, if multiple devices act in parallel linked by an underlying infrastructure eg. the Internet.

Simplicity.  We must never notice that it exists.  If people have to constantly tweak, adjust, enter data to manage the connections, then the hive will never become pervasive.  The standards need to be open, to be as non restrictive as possible, (O’Hara et al, 2008).

What does this have to do with privacy?
Pervasive technologies are becoming genuinely unobtrusive… and can track the individual in real time.

  1. Gregor permalink

    Hello, under simplicity O’Hara is referenced. Any chance to get the full citation?


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