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Dark Side of the Prism – Firefox Add on – How to install Dark Side of the Prism


The Guardian and RT have written articles about a new Firefox add-on to warn you of PRISM surveillance sites.  However they didn’t put in the link.

Download from

Video here:

Guardian Story:

Firefox add-on warns internet users of the dark side of the NSA

A new Firefox add-on, dubbed Dark Side of the Prism, automatically plays tracks from the seminal 1973 album whenever a user visits sites, such as Google or Facebook, embroiled in the scandal over the National Security Agency’s (NSA) snooping programme.

For example, users visiting would not hear any beguiling psychedelic rock. But those surfing Bing, Google, Facebook or Yahoo would be served up a healthy dose of Floyd noise.

The idea – according to its creator, 28-year-old developer and artist Justin Blinder – was to “create some sort of ambient notification that you are on a site that is being surveiled by the NSA.”

Download from


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