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KALI – How to adjust Date, Time, Keyboard to British, European and Global Date Formats


American’s tend to forget that their date format is ONLY used in America, the rest of the world uses the British/European date formats. This could have serious repercussions for manufacturing or sales orders.  So how do we reset the Date format for the global community?

1. British / European / Global formatting for Dates

The date command displays or sets the system date and time.  If using a global system I would recommend the use of the three letter month to avoid any confusion.

date +%d = two digit day

date +%h = three letter month

date +%m = two digit month

date +%Y = four digit year

So the British date format would be:

date +”%d %h %Y”

kali European Date format

Step 2 – Change to UK British English Keyboard

Root (Far Right – at the Top)

System Settings (like control panel in Windows)

kali system settings


 kali keyboardLayout Settings

kali keyboard layout

Language Tab (the first tab) > British English

kali british englishFormats Tab (2nd tab)

UK English = this will set the £ characters etc for currency

kali uk formatIn order to prevent the US keyboard layout… I jettison the option and use

English UK with WinKeys

English UK

kali uk only keyboardHere’s the £ symbol and speech marks from a UK keyboard

kali uk with winkeys keyboardUnder root > system settings > Region

Select English UK

Date & Time

Kali defaults to EDT… set to European time.

Under root > system settings > Date and Time

Select Europe > Select city eg “London”


kali date and timeTest the date settings.

Enter date

Here we see “BST” or British Summer Time – you’ll note that date is still producing the US formatting, not the Global formatting… someone will have to write a note and explain to Americans that their date formatting does not apply to the rest of the global economy.

kali time set twice

  1. Ontoros permalink

    what should i do if the keyboard setting won”t launch? when I go to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Keyboard’ to add a custom shortcut key, the ‘Keyboard’ setting window will not open. It will flash a second or two in the taskbar (topbar) and exit immediately.


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