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How to run OpenVPN with Administrator Rights – Windows 7


OpenVPN needs full admin rights to run under Windows 7.  We can edit your windows shortcut to run OpenVPN with full admin rights.

Step 1

1. Install OpenVPN.

2. Start > all programs > OpenVPN

Step 2

Right click on OpenVPN icon > go to the LAST item called PROPERTIES

This will open on the Shortcut Tab – at the bottom you click on the ADVANCED button.

vpn shortcut


Here you tick a checkbox called “RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR > OK

vpn admin

Step 3

Compatibility tab (THIRD tab)

At the bottom see “Privilege Level” >

Tick the check box = Run this program as administrator >

then click “Change setting for all users”

vpn compatibility tab

Change settings for all users

Tick checkbox = Run this program as Administrator > Apply Button > OK

vpn all users

Step 4

There is a security tab… (fourth tab)

Select your name – EDIT Button – FULL CONTROL > OK

vpn full control

That should enable OpenVPN to run with admin privileges.

For more info on IVPN:

There are 4 NIC for each Tunnel (2 real NIC’s and 2 Virtual NIC’s).

TAP = must be used for Windows 7 users

TUN = must be used for MAC, Linux and Unix users

Start > All programs > Accessories > Command prompt (Black TV icon)

Type in route print.

route print


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