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DISCONNECT.ME – How to Stop Trackers and make webpages load 27% faster


WebPages load 27% faster

If you want to make your web browsing safer, then download this free browser app.  Green means the trackers are blocked.  Grey means they’re unblocked…. so tick the checkbox to block them.

Blocks Trackers

* Faster, more private and more secure

* Blocks 2,000 trackers

* Blocks Google and Facebook, who track you even while logged out

* Encrypts communications


Two years ago, we started Disconnect – first as a side project then a company – because we thought online tracking had gotten out of control and the privacy and security software we had to choose from wasn’t user friendly or effective. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Disconnect 2. This is the missing app we wanted when we started Disconnect. We think Disconnect 2 makes privacy and security software beautiful and usable for the first time. Simply, we think Disconnect 2 is the best privacy app there is.

* Webpages load 27% faster

Personal note:

Install Ghostery, PrivacyFix and – each of them happily work together.

One Comment
  1. jas0ngee permalink

    Here you can get the extension from the Chrome Web Store without having to give your credit card number or Paypal info:

    Incidentally – have you checked out the Iron Browser yet?

    It’s awesome!


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