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EPIC – EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools


An updated privacy tools list, as we’re been a bit lazy on privacy tool updates.  Ixquick is the mother ship of search engine and the encrypted  Ixquick/startpage are our EU certified winners of European privacy.

Browser Addons

epic browser addons

Search Engines

epic search

Disk Encryption

epic true

Mobile Privacy Tools

epic mobile

Misc – the list goes on and onepic misc

Privacy Tactic

  1. Start with one tool a week – and substitute a privacy tool for a data collecting tool eg Stop using Google search and use or  NEVER use Google!!  EVER.
  2. Then in week 2, install HTTPS Everywhere, or install the Ghostery browser addon.
  3. These simple changes, will block door after door of those who collect your data and resell it to governments, medical insurers or the taxman.
  4. Soon, privacy will become second nature.  You’ll have all the tools installed, and then you can venture onto to high powered VPN’s using OpenVPN or running TAILS from a CD for extra security.  By Easter, you’ll be a privacy tools guru.  It’s such fun and much easier than you’d think.
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