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Startpage – How to configure Firefox Addon to prevent IP Tracking and Data Retention


Step 1 –

StartPage does not track your IP or use Data Retention to sell on to insurance companies.

Step 2 – Install StartPage into Firefox Browser

  • Add to Firefox
  • Start using it right away
  • Add Button


Manage search Engines

Highlight Google

Remove Button

Step 4 – Explore the dangers of Data Retention using the AOL Database

  • Private
  • AOL
  • Type in a search term eg Boyfriend or Pregnant

Search engines store your IP, login ID, search terms, date and time to generate an XRAY into your every thought.  Experiment with your own search terms in the AOL database.  You can see which users are say pregnant, and then track the other websites the user looked at… which often reveals the city they live in.  Play a game with the data – how much can you find out or guess about the user.  Remember that Google has a decade’s worth of search terms on you… how much about YOU do they know?  My mission, if you wish to accept it, is to stop Google knowing any more, from TODAY!!

Step 5 – Startpage delete Server Logs

They delete their server logs of your search queries, so no court order can be complied with. They have NEVER complied with a court order, nor can they, due to their deletion rules.

You may want to read their Privacy Q&A.

Step 6 – IPHONE App is available

Install this to prevent the Government intercepting search queries made from your iphone – remember to use HTTPS so that your search queries are not transmitted in plain text for the Telco to see.

Step 7 – European Privacy Seal.

The EU audits StartPage server logs – to ensure data deletion, data minimisation and that no accidental data leakage can happen.

This auditing is important.

Europe promotes “Privacy Enhancing Technology” – they call them PETS.   Make sure you have well behaved PETS 🙂

EUROPRISE is about preventing surveillance.

Hope you enjoyed the video.

Please remove Google and Bing – as both search engines retain your data – and as you’ve seen, this is dangerous to you, and data aggregation reveals much more than you realise.



Startpage Email – Become a BETA Tester for Startpage

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